Denmark Green Card Scheme 0

Denmark’s Green Card Scheme allows its holder to reside and work in Denmark. A residence and work permit under the Danish Green Card Scheme is given to an applicant taking into account some important criteria used to evaluate him/her  based on a ‘points system’. If a residence permit is obtained under Denmark’s green card scheme, […]

USA f1 visa application Process

What is Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program 2014 0

What is Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada? Canada Federal Skilled Worker program is a program aimed at attracting to Canada certain categories of skilled people who will contribute to that country’s economy, its advancement in different and various spheres, etc., to become migrants. Canada Federal Skilled Worker program 2014 has set a minimum set of conditions […]

Australian Temporary Work Visa 0

Temporary work visa to Australia subclass 400: The Australian Temporary Work Visa subclass 400 is for those applicants who would like to travel to Australia for a short duration (for up to 3 months). This visa is for those applicants who wish to undertake work which is of a short-term duration, is not ongoing, and […]

Temporary work visa to Australia subclass 400

Canadian Business Visa

Canadian Business Visa Process 0

Canadian Business Visa: If an applicant for a Canadian business visa is intending to visit Canada for the sake of his/her business in Canada, then a separate business visa is not necessary and an ordinary ‘visitor visa’ would suffice. Thus, if an applicant Canadian business visa is seeking to visit Canada for a short-term period to grow […]

Work Visa of Hong Kong 0

Work Visa of Hong Kong – Administrative Region: Hong Kong is an economically advanced, dynamic city-state situated in South China. It comprises a free, peaceful and open society, whose law and order, etc is good. Its economy is free-market driven, and it is also a trading hub. Many professionals are attracted to reside in that […]

Hong Kong Work Visa

What is Schengen Visa

Schengen Visa Rules and Regulations 0

What is Schengen Visa/Area: The Schengen area is an area comprising of 26 European countries that have eliminated any/the need for a passport and visa for travel between their countries. The Schengen area presently thus comprises of twenty two members of the European Union and four of the member states of the EFTA (European Free […]

Denmark Permanent Residence Visa 0

Denmark Permanent Residence: Denmark is an economically advanced and vibrant country with high standards of living. It is also a peaceful country and welcoming of outsiders. If one is highly qualified or educated, or otherwise suitable to obtain a residence permit or work permit of Denmark, then the chances are good that one can reside […]

Denmark Permanent Residence

Australian Permanent work permit

Australian Work Permit Visas and list’s 0

Australia is a great country to visit, holiday in, reside and live. It is an advanced country with a highly developed market economy, and has also been blessed with great natural beauty. Australia also has some of the most urbane cities in the world, such as Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, etc. Australia receives a good […]

Vienna Austria – The Grand City 0

Vienna Austria Immigration: Vienna is among the foremost culture capitals of Europe and among the most popular cities in the European Union and best place for Austria Immigration. It is a metropolitan area and also a province in Austria. Vienna has a long and illustrious history and the city finds ready audience for exceptionally talented people […]

Vienna Austria Immigration

Austria Immigration

Austria Immigration Process and Requirements 0

Austria Immigration under Red-White-Red Card: Austria is a peaceful and advanced country in Europe. This is the reason why students, workers, etc. seek to come to Austria. Austria Immigration is also possible under its Red-White-Red Card and its Red–White-Red Card Plus scheme which are on offer to third party workers and their dependents. The Red-White-Red card […]