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Education in Canda Canada has some of the most prestigious educational institutions and universities in the world. Education in Canada includes educational institutions for undergraduate studies, graduate studies, etc. Typically, a higher educational institution combines teaching with research and quite a few prominent higher educational institutions are notable in this regard. Thus, education in Canada […]


Study in Australia

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Study in Australia: Australia is among the leading countries on the basis of many criteria such as economic development, scientific and technological development, and various other indices of development and citizens’ well being. The country also has some of the leading universities of the world. Its universities combine excellent research activities, teaching/training and leisure activities. […]

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Hong Kong Immigration: Hong Kong is a city-state located on China’s south coast and is surrounded by the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea. The city is a leading trading and investment center because of its location, system of government and some other major advantages. Hong Kong Immigration attracts many people from abroad including students, […]


Schengen Visa Countries

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Schengen Visa Countries: The Schengen area comprises the region including 26 European countries. For all purposes pertaining to international travel, it can be considered as a single country having a common/uniform visa policy. This area seeks to facilitate the free movement of information, money, goods and people. 22 of the 28 EU member countries and […]

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Denmark Green Card Scheme Points Calculator: Denmark green card scheme points calculator are awarded for the applicant’s educational level. At the least, the applicant’s educational degree/level must be a Danish bachelor’s degree or equivalent. And also, the assessment of an applicant’s educational qualification is done by an agency of Denmark, the Danish Agency for Universities […]


What is Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada

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What is Federal Skilled Worker Program in Canada? Canada Federal Skilled Worker program is a program aimed at attracting to Canada certain categories of skilled people who will contribute to that country’s economy, its advancement in different and various spheres, etc., to become migrants. Canada Federal Skilled Worker program 2014 has set a minimum set of conditions […]

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Temporary work visa to Australia subclass 400: The Australian Temporary Work Visa subclass 400 is for those applicants who would like to travel to Australia for a short duration (for up to 3 months). This visa is for those applicants who wish to undertake work which is of a short-term duration, is not ongoing, and […]

Temporary work visa to Australia subclass 400

Canadian Business Visa

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Canadian Business Visa: If an applicant for a Canadian business visa is intending to visit Canada for the sake of his/her business in Canada, then a separate business visa is not necessary and an ordinary ‘visitor visa’ would suffice. Thus, if an applicant Canadian business visa is seeking to visit Canada for a short-term period to grow […]

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Work Visa of Hong Kong – Administrative Region: Hong Kong is an economically advanced, dynamic city-state situated in South China. It comprises a free, peaceful and open society, whose law and order, etc is good. Its economy is free-market driven, and it is also a trading hub. Many professionals are attracted to reside in that […]

Hong Kong Work Visa

What is Schengen Visa

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What is Schengen Visa/Area: The Schengen area is an area comprising of 26 European countries that have eliminated any/the need for a passport and visa for travel between their countries. The Schengen area presently thus comprises of twenty two members of the European Union and four of the member states of the EFTA (European Free […]