What are the requirements to obtain UK Tier 2 Visa? 0

Are you interested to Work in UK? Looking for best work permit? Then, you can choose UK Tier 2 Visa. This visa is the best option for skilled workers who wish to migrate to UK. UK is offering excellent employment opportunities for overseas individuals, which entices them to work in UK. UK work permits are […]



Canada Express Entry program – An Exciting Opportunity for Skilled Immigrants 0

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced the much awaited immigration program i.e. Canada Express Entry, which will come into force from January 2015. Canada Express Entry is the most exciting opportunity for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. Focusing on the quality of applications, the new immigration system will revolutionize the Canadian immigration […]

How to acquire Denmark student visa? 0

Denmark is an appealing study destination for many foreign students now-a- days. Highly reputed educational institutions of the nation welcome students across the globe. Students outside the regions of EU/EEA or Nordic countries willing to study in Denmark have to acquire a Denmark student visa in the form of a residence permit. Study program in […]

Denmark student visa

Singapore Work Permit

How to obtain Singapore Work Permit ? 0

Singapore is becoming a profitable and ideal business hub for Southeast Asian countries because of its innovative immigration plans that entice experienced entrepreneurs and working experts from all over the globe. Overseas individuals who aim to reside and work in Singapore must have a valid work permit. This permit allows foreign individuals to work in […]

Are Immigrants in Canada more skilled than Immigrants in US ? 0

Canadian immigrants are comparatively more skilled than US immigrants. Do you know why? The government of Canada makes several attempts in finding skilled migrants. A comparison was made between the immigrants in Canada and the US, and it was found that the people migrated to Canada are better educated and earning high salaries than those who moved […]

Immigrants in Canada more skilled than Immigrants in US

Australia subclass 489 visa

How to get Australia Skilled-Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)? 0

Are you a skilled worker who wishes to work in Australia? You and your dependent family members can reside, study and work in the country for a maximum period of four years by obtaining Australia Skilled-Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489). The Invited Pathway and Extended Stay Pathway are the two ways through which one can […]

Canada offers efficient labor market attracting immigrants 0

Canada has become the most attractive destination country for migrants who seek excellent overseas opportunities. As per the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), Canada’s yearly migration flow is 0.7% of its populace and highest among OECD members. Efficient labor market for Canadia Immigrants A record number of 281,000 new permanent residents were issued […]

Labor market for Immigrants,Canada immigrants

travel tips for USA

Ten Good Last Minute Flight Travel Tips for USA 0

Travel Tips for USA: Got your visa and are you ready to fly to the US? Well, we are here to help people like you as we are providing you with the travel tips for USA that helps you plan your trip in an efficient manner. By following these travel tips for USA, one can […]

What is the best route for UK dependent Visa? 0

Are you a spouse or relative or child of a permanent resident or citizen of the UK? If yes, you can visit UK through UK Dependent Visa. Spouses or family members or dependent children of the people who are already established in the UK or entering the country through any other visa categories can immigrate […]

UK Dependent Visa

Hong Kong Immigration

Great reasons why you should consider Hong Kong for Immigration? 0

Being a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is one of the most famous places which is attracting many foreign nationals through its amazing and spectacular characteristics. Hong Kong is the most beautiful country and one among of the world’s leading economies with highest per capita income. Besides, there are a number of reasons, […]