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If you wish to work in Canada, then it is worth considering a working permit.  A working permit allows you to work in Canada without needing to go through a points based assessment.  Basic limits need to be met in order for the right to qualify.

Canada work visaCanadian work permits let you work in Canada, but you must have a job offer from a sponsor, which would be your employer.

You cannot transfer a working permit, however it is sometimes possible to apply for a different type of permanent visa once you are in and working in the country.

In order to be eligible for this type if working permit, you need to have a valid and confirmable work offer from a sponsoring employer who has offered you a position. The HRSDC will have to assess this application to see if it will impact negatively on the Canadian labour market by keeping other skilled Canadians out of work.  Once HDRC accepts that this vacancy cannot be filled by a national employee, and is open to foreign applicant, then the working permit can be requested from the CIC.  Please note however than if the application is for Quebec, then you also need an extra permission from the immigration authorities there.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that you have the necessary permits to work for them, so they will more than likely need a copy of your work permit and or other details for their files so that they can prove that they are acting within the confines of immigration law.

It is possible to bring your partner and any dependent children with you, but they will be also only in Canada for a temporary basis.  If they want to obtain employment whilst there, they will also have to apply for a working permit however.

There are some exceptions to this work permit program. Some particular professions do not require you to have a work permit for temporary immigration, however there are many terms and conditions and restrictions on these temporary arrangements and it is worth looking into the particular reason you wish to gain a working permit, to see if you can get away with not needing one. Some of these professionals are Business Visitors, Judges and referees, Performing Artists, Public Speaker or News reporters.

For more information on work permits, contact morevisas who will be happy to explain things in more details.


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