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Different Types of Schengen Visas

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The various types of Schengen visas allows an individual to freely move within the entire Schengen Zone which encompasses the European Union Schengen member countries and also the EFTA Schengen members, for as long as the visa holds its validity and time period constraints. Various restrictions are applicable to the different visa types based on […]

Iceland – A Volcanic active Country best time to visit between is June – Aug. 0

Iceland – Is one of the scarcely populated country in Europe with Reykjavik as its capital city set across Mt.Esja. Blue lagoon resort set in the Lava fields is extraordinary with its geothermal rich-mineral water reenergized the tourists.  Geysers are natural wonders of Iceland, Geysir is the most famous geyser, it used to erupts every 5 – 10 minutes at a height of 60 meters, […]

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Schengen Visa Countries

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Schengen Visa Countries: The Schengen area comprises the region including 26 European countries. For all purposes pertaining to international travel, it can be considered as a single country having a common/uniform visa policy. This area seeks to facilitate the free movement of information, money, goods and people. 22 of the 28 EU member countries and […]

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What is Schengen Visa/Area: The Schengen area is an area comprising of 26 European countries that have eliminated any/the need for a passport and visa for travel between their countries. The Schengen area presently thus comprises of twenty two members of the European Union and four of the member states of the EFTA (European Free […]

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